Technic Import is a technical equipment and import company that was established in 1958 under the name “Technic Import Division” and is one of the largest foreign trade companies in Mongolia.

Since its establishment, Technic Import has been importing and supplying a wide range of equipment, technical tools, and materials necessary for the development of industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy, mining, and telecommunications. With the economic reform in Mongolia in 1990, Technic Import transformed into a privately owned company, and in 1998, it successfully transitioned to a 100% privately owned company called “Technic Import” JSC.

With 65 years of experience, Technic Import JSC has been operating successfully in partnership with many international companies, providing a wide range of products and services in the fields of construction, automotive, heavy machinery, transportation logistics, industrial supplies, and financial services.

In order to achieve today’s success, we have been consistently striving to meet the needs of our customers and the market by continuously improving our product quality, adhering to international standards, and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.We are committed to providing our customers and stakeholders with reliable and high-quality products and services, contributing to the development of the national economy, and being recognized as a leading and trusted company in the industry.

Customer Focus

We deliver business solutions with a customer-centric approach, incorporating innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Our Purpose

We are a reputable company that offers high-quality products and services.


Together in long-lasting, harmonious, and pleasant partnership.


Intimate mindset, principle of honesty

To promote justice, respond responsibly, engage in positive actions that uplift others, collaborate through proper communication, and cultivate harmony among colleagues and the community.


A skilled and experienced professional who can collaborate and develop oneself as well as others in their work.


The teamwork based on trust, cooperation, and creativity is productive and enjoyable.


The results of the financial analysis, the company’s capacity to expand, Customers and Suppliers, the need to comply with laws, standards, agreements, Company’s state of affairs, providing services based on customer satisfaction, human resource development, enhancing subsidiary competitiveness, and ensuring uninterrupted operational continuity, establishing a position in the market by implementing effective management practices, all contribute to the success of “Technic Import” JSC.