The first sport festival of the sports division of the Technik Import Group

Technik Import JSC and its affiliated companies organize an annual sports festival, which this year marks the 20th anniversary of its establishment by Capmon NBFI and the successful celebration of 10 years of the annual festival of MGL Cement LLC, held in November 2022. This year’s event featured various sports such as wrestling, darts, table tennis, and chess, in addition to the traditional “Golden Whip” horse racing, and attracted a large number of participants from different branch companies who competed in these sports. The festival concluded with great success and brought joy to all the participating team members.




Technik Import JSC 65th anniversary

By resolution No. 380 of the Council of Ministers of the Mongolian People’s Republic on 10th of December 1958, “Technik and Various Commodities Import Union”

65th Annual “Basketball Tournament”

At the 65th Annual Basketball Tournament organized by Technik Import JSC, various participating teams came together and successfully held the competition on March 18-19, 2023.